“We optimize application management and deployment, so you can reduce delivery times from months to days.”

Efficient Workflow Solutions for Application management


  • A comprehensive workflow and information system for application packages
  • Gain a complete overview of all applications within your organization
  • Stay informed in real-time for all application-related queries


  • Access all application information instantly
  • Clean up and remove unnecessary applications
  • Bring harmony and efficiency to your organization


  • Maintain an overview of applications and licenses
  • Streamline your application inventory from thousands to just hundreds
  • Enhance the satisfaction of your internal customers


  • Real-time reporting for informed decision-making
  • Expedite application delivery time from months to two weeks
  • Minimize errors throughout the process


  • Recoup your investment within the first year
  • Reduce the number of applications by at least 50%
  • Encounter a problem? A response within 4 hours and a resolution within 8 hours

Success stories


During my previous assignment, I supervised a migration from Windows 7 to Windows 10, working with SparkleFlow. I can say with certainty that SparkleFlow contributed to the success of that migration. At the moment I am working on another project and I also see opportunities to use SparkleFlow here.

Jacco van Eck

Senior Project Manager / Migration Manager, Fikira


I have been working at RIVM for 40 years. My daily job is getting applications ready and available for various government organizations. I have applications packaged by my team. I am responsible for the process: are there sufficient resources, are regulations met, and do we own sufficient licenses?

Wim Bergkamp

Coordinator Workplace Design, RIVM

Erasmus MC

At Erasmus hospital, I am responsible for Windows updates, workplace management, but also for support within the organization. I had the pleasure of working with SparkleFlow on a daily basis during the implementation. We used to work with a different system, but we discovered that SparkleFlow is much more efficient and the process can be fully optimized.

Tim Sträter

Workplace management / Developer, Erasmus MC