Efficient Workflow Solutions for Application Packaging


  • A comprehensive workflow and information system for application packages
  • Gain a complete overview of all applications within your organization
  • Stay informed in real-time for all application-related queries


  • Access all application information instantly
  • Clean up and remove unnecessary applications
  • Bring harmony and efficiency to your organization


  • Maintain an overview of applications and licenses
  • Streamline your application inventory from thousands to just hundreds
  • Enhance the satisfaction of your internal customers


  • Real-time reporting for informed decision-making
  • Expedite application delivery time from months to two weeks
  • Minimize errors throughout the process


  • Recoup your investment within the first year
  • Reduce the number of applications by at least 50%
  • Encounter a problem? A response within 4 hours and a resolution within 8 hours

Our Solution

Overview, Efficiency, Simplification: The Power of SparkleFlow in Application Packaging

SparkleFlow offers a robust platform designed for the challenges of application packaging and managing large amounts of applications. By integrating methodical workflows, comprehensive data management, and adaptive integration capabilities, it provides a streamlined approach to packaging processes. For those seeking precision and efficiency in application packaging operations, SparkleFlow delivers a comprehensive, engineered solution. Build by engineers, for engineers.

Workflow Management

Managing workflows efficiently for optimized operations.

Information Management

Maintaining comprehensive and accessible data is crucial.

Automation Capabilities

Automation can drive efficiency, reduce human error, and expedite delivery.

Integration Capabilities

Facilitating bi-directional communication with all relevant systems and tools.

Advanced Reporting

Have a detailed perspective  into every aspect of the packaging process

Success stories


During my previous assignment, I supervised a migration from Windows 7 to Windows 10, working with SparkleFlow. I can say with certainty that SparkleFlow contributed to the success of that migration. At the moment I am working on another project and I also see opportunities to use SparkleFlow here.

Jacco van Eck

Senior Project Manager / Migration Manager, Fikira


I have been working at RIVM for 40 years. My daily job is getting applications ready and available for various government organizations. I have applications packaged by my team. I am responsible for the process: are there sufficient resources, are regulations met, and do we own sufficient licenses?

Wim Bergkamp

Coordinator Workplace Design, RIVM

Erasmus MC

At Erasmus hospital, I am responsible for Windows updates, workplace management, but also for support within the organization. I had the pleasure of working with SparkleFlow on a daily basis during the implementation. We used to work with a different system, but we discovered that SparkleFlow is much more efficient and the process can be fully optimized.

Tim Sträter

Workplace management / Developer, Erasmus MC

Process Overview

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