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Application packaging has never been so easy. It doesn’t matter which or how many packaging and/or virtualization tools you use. All available tools can be seamlessly integrated and automated with SparkleFlow. To give you an idea: we have integrated SparkleFlow with Admin Studio, RayPack, AppV, ThinApp, XenApp, and SWV. This will save precious time for every application. When your package is finished you can deploy it to your distribution system of choice with a single button click. Supported systems are SCCM, Scense, and Easy Software Deployment, but in fact, every system can be connected. We support all methods and protocols available today.

Migrating to a new Windows Operating System can be quite challenging. The one thing most organizations underestimate is that migrating desktop applications to a new environment is the biggest challenge. Migrating hundreds of desktop applications calls for a standardized and structured process with in-depth reporting capabilities. SparkleFlow has 15 years of experience in this area and makes sure you get exactly what you need, nothing more, nothing less. We make managing a migration project as simple as possible without losing oversight or control.

The best feature of SparkleFlow is its capability to create any kind of report automatically. Whatever kind of information you need SparkleFlow can provide. We use a customizable data model so any kind of information can be put in any perspective. We provide a dedicated management and reporting tool, a Web module, and Dashboards. If you describe what you would like to see, we make sure you’ll get it, in any format. It can even be automatically shared with any 3thd party system.

Within large organizations information is key. However, information about applications is managed by multiple roles in multiple systems. To give an example, most companies use a Serviced Desk system for requests and configuration items, but they also use Active Directory, a distribution system (i.e. SCCM), an Excel sheet for packaging and some kind of license management system. All these systems can have different naming conventions concerning the naming of applications and store the same or different information items about these applications. Maintaining such an environment by hand without redundant administration and/or errors is almost impossible. With SparkleFlow you can manage all information with ease because it can synchronize information about applications with any system. SparkleFlow supports all available methods and protocols.

In it’s core SparkleFlow is a Workflow environment with a built-in library for source files, packages, documentation, communication, and status information. We can build any kind of process, but most of the time we use our best practices model as a starting point. To make the process as efficient as possible SparkleFlow can automate every step with multiple actions per step. It can also act on conditions when certain parameters are met. It will assign and divide the workload and keep track of every application. At any given moment you know exactly what the workload is per packager, per department, per process phase or in any other perspective. Studies show a typical process will save 15 minutes to 2 hours per application lifecycle!

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