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This error can occur when you try to add a package locally via Powershell;
Add-AppvClientPackage -Path ‘C:\AppV\Packages\package001.appv’

More info of the Powershell error message: error appears;
AppV Error Code.
Error module: Steaming Manager. Internal error detail: 4C401C0C80070057.

When you use the full infrastructure implementation with an App-V management server, you will experience that not all packages can be published. You will see this in the event viewer under Applications and Services Logs\Microsoft\AppV\Client\Admin.
Part of all packages publish failed
published: 5
failed 1
Please check the error events of ‘Configure/Publish Package’ before this messag for the details of the failure.

The issue turns out to be that the package that goes wrong contains a folder “UserProgramFiles”.

Delete the UserProgramFiles folder from the package. Then save the package again and publish it again. Now it can be published successfully.

Volgende Error code: 0x59701607 – 0xB