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Be different

Look for someone with guts and with desire for the unknown and renewal, travelling to more and better. Experience the uniqueness and travel with us.
Sparkle Flow grows and continues to do so based on the same ideas.

In the video you can see how someone creates a unique concept with a whole new view on the world. SparkleFlow associates itself with this attitude and creates its own way, rest and insight into the application landscape of customers (medium and large organizations).


It’s been sometime ago, but I would like to thank all participants of RoboCup 2016 Event! We’ve had great feedback from everyone. There are leads given. If you have any other ideas, suggestions or leads, then let us know!

On more thing: on the first day the matches were very easy and slow, and the statement that robots in the year 2050 beat the man seemed quite impossible. However, on Saturday and Sunday the big boys were on the playfield and these robots do indeed play football very well.

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