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VR Experience 2022

The 2022 VR experience took place at the Enversed VR Center in the Veemhal in Eindhoven. Beforehand we had dinner together at the Blue Collar Hotel, which is close by and serves good hamburgers. After this we went straight to the VR Center. There you could choose from various experiences. We opted for the VR Escape Experience. We entered the Experience in groups of four people at a time. Unlike a traditional Escape Room, in VR you are not limited by reality. After all kinds of different activities and puzzles, only one group could be the winner. We are already looking forward to the next event of the SparkleFlow Experience. If you would like to join us next time (for free), register and follow us on LinkedIn.

VR Experience 2022

F1 Racing Experience 2022

The first SparkleFlow experience of 2022 took place at the Official F1 Racing Center in Utrecht. The Racing Center has 3 areas with 20 simulators each, a restaurant with bar and a briefing room. The evening started with a nice dinner in the restaurant. After dinner we had a short briefing and the fun could begin. The guidance was well organized and the explanation clear. The chosen circuit was the new circuit of Zandvoort. After a few training rounds, everyone had 1 qualifying round. After qualifying the race could start. How exciting it was! There was a hard fight for the coveted first place. What particularly added to the fun was the ability to talk to each other via the intercom. Hilarious comments made many people roar with laughter. After an exciting battle, there could only be one winner. It should come as no surprise that this was a SparkleFlow employee. However, do you think you can do that better? Be sure to join us next time. We enjoyed it so much that we will definitely do it more often. But before we plan that, we will first do the other proposed experiences. See you soon!

F1 Experience 2022

Our first event

We did drifting with BMWs in 2019 with an enthusiastic group of SparkleFlow users. Several people learned this so quickly, which allowed them to go onto the circuit to show their skills. The day ended with a barbecue and everyone went home with a smile on their faces. An event that is still talked about today.

Drift Event 2021

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