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SparkleFlow @ the Evoluon.

SparkleFlow headquarters is located in an inspiring environment. Everyday we are working hard to take our product to the next level and connect to an ever expanding array of systems to provide an appropriate workflow for all applications.

Our company

SparkleFlow is developed in-house based on more than 20 years experience in Application Life Cycle Management.

SparkleFlow is one of the most experienced IT companies in application packaging workflow. We have the best IT professionals with a minimum of 10 years experience. We support our customers by setting up and automating their software application lifecycle process.

Our company is located in the Evoluon in Eindhoven. This is in the center of Brainport, the Netherlands. This is one of the world’s leading regions in terms of R&D and IT. For the third year in a row, Brainport was named “Smartest region of the world” by the jury of the ICF’s Intelligent Community Awards.





The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs supports our product and invests in our research and development. The government supports companies that invest in technical research, the development of technically new physical products in physical production processes (or parts of the processes) and the development of technologically new software (or portions of the software).

Who we are

We are a team of enthusiastic people with collectively over 40 years of experience in application life cycle management. Many organizations miss the overview in their application landscape. We understand that managing software applications is not an exact science. SparkleFlow is therefore extremely flexible and dynamic to meet your specific environment. SparkleFlow can be connected to your existing CMDB, software distribution system, license management system, i.e.


SparkleFlow wants to bring the management of software applications to the next level. We train people to application managers that will avoid problems, increase the overview in your application landscape and provide a triple Return of Investment.


SparkleFlow has the goal to let administrators and engineers perform outstandingly, by giving them the tools and the knowledge at the level of an Application Availability Manager. This provides their clients a structured packaging process where all the necessary software information is secured in one location.

They reach this goal by:

  • Providing a workflow and library system to support the packaging process
  • A community of users freely accessible online and at meetings
  • Professional education
  • Leading role from SparkleFlow
  • Support by usage / implementation


More than 50 percent of the IT managers and CIOs admits to have an incomplete overview of their application portfolio. Yet, 80 percent of the IT budget is spend on the management and maintenance. Source: Computable

“By 2017, 20% of organizations will have implemented an Software License Optimization & Entitlement (SLOE) tool up from >5% in 2014.”  Source: Gartner

Technology Partners.

Together with our technology partners, we ensure that you get the right training, the appropriate implementation of SparkleFlow, the right tooling and that you will be well informed of the evolution  in the field of Application Management.


ReaRES Softwarel Enterprise Solutions (RES) enables IT to centrally deliver, manage and secure the key elements of a user’s computing experience, independently of their workstyles and devices. SparkleFlow can seamlessly integratie with RES software.

AIMED-SolutionsAIMED Solutions supports organizations in (migration) projects where “Application and Desktop Management” and “Standardization of the Workplace” are the main key words. Their service is particularly focused on providing advice, training and implementation. Using tooling from leading suppliers. From Secondment to consultancy on demand.

AIMED has employees with extensive knowledge and experience in various repackaging and virtualization technologies. AIMED uses its own quality network to meet all capacity demands. For more information contact AIMED.

Fikira IT workspace managementFikira specializes in application virtualization, software packaging engineers and workstation migrations. What we do, we do well. And better. Professional, short lines, people with extensive knowledge. Fikira stands for customer focus, innovation and service.

Fikira defines the packaging process and guides it for a fixed price per application. Thanks to our years of experience we can offer the best packaging services available in the Netherlands. The same applies to our specialists: They are the best application virtualization specialists and package engineers in the market. All employees of Fikira have worked for large application virtualization projects for a wide range of clients in various industries. In addition, they have setup packaging and virtualization departments for reputable organizations  and system integrators outsource their application virtualization and packaging activities to Fikira. For more information you can get in contact with Fikira.

Easy Software Deployment-logo
System Administrators use Easy Software Deployment to get more done in less time. Managed Service Providers use Easy Software Deployment to cut costs and help their customers more efficiently.

setupcommanderlogoSetup Commander provides a new way of creating Applications for deployment in a simple and intuitive way. Creating Applications, finding and deploying installation parameters for software which needs to be deployed is one of the most time consuming and troublesome tasks that administrators must undertake to deploy Windows applications. Setup Commander lowers the cost associated with application management by automating the manual steps that have to be repeated for every new application. Setup Commander can be integrated in SparkleFlow.

TOPdesk-logoTOPdesk makes ITIL-based service management software for IT, Facilities Management, and eHRM help desks. Our award-winning solution helps you process questions, complaints and malfunctions. Optimize your services with a user-friendly application, experienced consultants and expert support. Raising your service levels and reducing your workload has never been easier. SparkleFlow can seamlessly communicated with Topdesk to ensure that all application information is synchronized.

Because our team and our Process Mining technology come straight from the leading group of Professor Wil van der Aalst, who invented process mining at the Eindhoven University of Technology, we can offer our partners and their customers access to the latest technology and process mining practices available in the market. In return, we greatly benefit from the rich experience of our process improvement partners.

The SOFTTAILOR® GmbH is an European consulting company with headquarters in Darmstadt (Rhine/Main area), and supports both SMEs and large companies doing the jobs of your employees in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, and keep this relationship on a long-term base and in a manageable way.

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