The Genesis: Establishing the ITNinja Community

In the tech world, ITNinja began as a beacon of innovation and knowledge-sharing. The brainchild of Bob Kelly, this community sprouted in September 1999 under the name A prominent destination for endpoint administrators, AppDeploy would lay the foundation for a much broader vision. Over time, AppDeploy extended its domain, encompassing a diverse range of topics, and eventually rebirthed itself as IT Ninja.

The Expansion: IT Ninja’s Innovative Features and Offerings

IT Ninja transcended the traditional tech community norms with its unique offerings. It harbored an extensive database of over 200,000 software applications, serving as discussion starters for queries, deployment tips, and shared resources. IT Ninja evolved into an engaging, dynamic space for IT professionals worldwide.

The Integration: Social Networking in the IT Community

ITNinja’s game-changing moment was integrating the benefits of social networking with professional IT life. A tag-based system combined all content sources, simplifying navigation and information filtering. ITNinja wasn’t just an information hub; it became an interconnected community of experts and learners.

The Sponsorship and Impact: ITNinja and Quest

Sponsored by Quest, ITNinja held a unique position in the IT community. While product support functions were leveraged, ITNinja remained primarily a community site, unbounded by the limitations of specific hardware or systems management products. ITNinja embodied the essence of open dialogue and knowledge exchange.

The Decline: Transition from IT Ninja

Despite its rich beginnings and dynamic community, ITNinja faced a decline in popularity. The exit of Bob Kelly had a notable impact. By 2021, ITNinja’s growth stagnated, and the inflow of new content slowed down significantly.

The Rebirth: From ITNinja to

Yet, the spirit of found a rebirth in This new platform mirrors the original intent of, bringing back the vibrant IT community that marked the beginning of ITNinja.

Bob Kelly, although not as active as in the past due to his engagement with Flexera, contributes to the community as one of the bloggers on His presence adds credibility and continues the legacy of insightful discussions and knowledge-sharing he initiated with


The story of IT Ninja and its transformation to serves as a testament to the evolving needs of the IT community. The platform’s shift reflects the industry’s dynamism and the importance of adaptability.

While IT Ninja may not hold the same prominence as before, the birth of heralds a return to its core spirit of open collaboration, resource sharing, and continuous learning. This evolution underlines the continual innovation and growth characteristic of the IT sector.


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