Delivering application packages is no problem for a small organization. When a new request for an application comes in, one of the application packagers gets to work. Once he is ready, he delivers the package to the end user by making the application available on the network. Nothing special for a single person. However, as soon as an organization does packaging with a team of several packagers, it is a different story. For instance, if something doesn’t work as it should, one has to look for answers. Who made this package? Which version is this, anyway? Where is the documentation? Is there any documentation at all? Who is the contact person for this application? Does this application work with hardware and/or middleware? Does it matter which version of middleware? And so on. This information is often not adequately administered and, therefore, difficult or even impossible to find. In practice, this translates into endless searching for answers. This takes a lot of time every time again.

With SparkleFlow, you never have to search. Information can be retrieved directly via SparkleFlow itself or via the Dashboard. And since SparkleFlow can be fully customized, it can integrate with any environment, no matter how complex. In addition, SparkleFlow can connect to any helpdesk, Active Directory, Distribution system, CMDB, and license manager. All IT colleagues can immediately find answers to users’ application- or package-related questions via these connections.