Technical people generally hate to document. Very understandable because technology is fun, but documentation is not. Still, writing information about applications (and packages in particular) is essential to work efficiently. Furthermore, it saves a lot of time with updates, new versions, and migrations. SparkleFlow lends a hand with this challenge through the following features:

  • You can include multiple standard documents in the form of templates in SparkleFlow. This way, you can easily manage multiple documents. For example, think of an installation manual, an intake document, a package document, a test instruction, and possibly test results. These templates are always immediately available. So you don’t have to look for the location of these documents.
  • The templates can be filled automatically, such as the installation document. In addition, utilizing the Automanual function, you can make screen prints during an installation which can be automatically added to a document, whether or not supplemented with text.
  • SparkleFlow can copy information from the documents to SparkleFlow’s data model, but also the other way around: a document can be filled with information from the SparkleFlow data model.

We can’t make documenting more fun, but we can make it much more manageable.