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SparkleFlow is the only product that takes into account all aspects of application management and always offers a suitable solution through it’s modular and flexible nature. SparkleFlow provides a single point of entry for all processes, information, documents and files related to application management.

SparkleFlow integrates seamlessly with a variety of packaging and management software such as RayPack, Wise, AdminStudio, InstallShield, App-V, ThinApp, SCCM, Altiris, Zen, Tivoli, HPSD, MS Office, and many more! A set of add-ons and plug-ins expands SparkleFlow and allows you to improve the packaging experience. The choice for new or better functionality continues to increase. We continue to expand the number of available add-ons and plugins for more and more products. Check this website regularly to keep up-to-date on the availability of new add-ons, plug-ins, updates and / or upgrades!

ShowReport is the reporting module SparkleFlow. ShowReport provides, i.a. the following; customizable queries (easily configure and store using the View Manager). The possibility of custom reports composed by exporting all data or a selection to Excel. The Process overview shows the progress and problems in the entire process in a single view. ShowReport provides a complete inventory of the application landscape.

Insight delivers organized dashboards so you have a direct view into the progress of your project or spot bottlenecks of your process. Dashboards can be fully customised. SparkleFlow Insight is offers a default set of dashboards with best practises off the shelf.

LinkedIn has an English-speaking community founded called “SparkleFlow Users” by one of our customers, called Dave Presuhn from Boston Scientific. Members of this group are allowed to post their ideas for new additions and exchange tips and tricks. We are actively participating in this group. Click here to go directly to this group.


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